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[The SEC plans a] “sustained and increasing focus” on protecting the assets of the aging baby-boomer population. The SEC recently coordinated a meeting of regulators to determine how they can coordinate efforts to protect senior citizens. The regulators have brought several enforcement cases alleging a variety of improper investment schemes designed to defraud seniors.
Christopher Cox, Former Chairman, Securities and Exchange Commission


What we do: Since 1980, FAI has provided unbiased and completely objective money management seminars, workbooks, video stream, online courses and financial coaching for the employees of major corporations, unions, government agencies and the U. S. Military. FAI is unique because we sell no insurance, investment, or financial planning products or services of any kind… just pure education.

FAI's "Financial Wellness Package":

  1. Core Services:
    1. "Kick-off" materials, seminar, and/or video stream
    2. Online mini-courses are available 24/7
    3. Financial Information Portal
    4. Semi-monthly Scam/Financial Alert

  2. Optional Services:
    1. Live Seminars:
      1. Early Career…Basic Money Management
      2. Mid-Career… Comprehensive Money Management
      3. Late Career… Retirement Planning
    2. One-On-One Counseling
    3. FAI's Tax Adviser Network: click below for more info (available only in Chicago Metro as of 2013)

FAI's Messages:

  • Financial Stress Affects Health. Eliminate stress. Be healthy!
    • 58% of employers say "financial illness" plays a role in employee absenteeism (1)
    • 81% of those surveyed identify money as a major source of stress in their lives (2)
    • 71% of Americans do not have a formal investment plan to help them reach their goals (3)
    • 48% of respondents aged 25 to 69 who are contributing to a retirement plan do not feel prepared for retirement (3)
    • 57% of those surveyed have not calculated how much they will need in retirement to maintain their current lifestyle (3)
      1. MetLife Employee Benefits Trends
      2. Survey done by the American Psychological Association
      3. Study done by ING U.S.
  • The Psychology of Money Affects Financial Decisions
  • Make "at Least" One Positive Change in your Financial Life!
  • It's time to take control and get the most out of what you make so you can enjoy peace of mind and security!

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AAWP helps people manage their health and wealth throughout their lifetime.

General Motors
State Farm
Harris Bank
U. S. Military
Many More…

The Securities and Exchange Commission recently adopted a rule requiring brokerage firms to prominently disclose important information to you.  Know your rights!

“Americans have to take responsibility today for planning and saving for their retirement. Otherwise, they may have to work far longer – or endure a lower standard of living – than they anticipated.”
Carl George, CPA, Former Chairman, AICPA’s National Financial Literacy Commission

“The burden of paying Helpers may cause American equity investors, overall, to earn only 80% or so of what they would earn if they just sat still and listened to no one.”
Warren Buffet, Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. (second richest man in the World behind Bill Gates) As stated in the Berkshire Hathaway 2005 Annual Report.
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